Public Education and Public Service Announcements

Focus Advertising supports and oversees the Public Education Program (PEP!) for outdoor advertising associations as well as broadcaster’s associations across the nation. Through these programs state and federal agencies can maximize their exposures! This partnership allows us to maximize grants, federal and state dollars effectively in order to reach and target as many people as possible.

Focus Advertising has a proven track record of promoting state and federal agency messages to the public through the PEP program! The Outdoor PEP program allows our clients to take advantage of unsold billboards spaces at drastically reduced rates or even sometimes free with only the minimal cost of production. The Broadcasters PEP program allows our clients to receive statewide, regional and national tv and radio campaigns at pennies on the dollar. Both the Outdoor PEP and Broadcasters PEP programs deliver a minimum 3:1 value on your investment – a program well worth taking advantage of for your next promotion!

Our clients receive a tremendous value through PEP
to educate the public on new programs and services as well
as inspire positive behavior changes in our society!

View our presentation to the right to learn more about
Outdoor PEP and how your organization can qualify. Simply use your mouse to scroll down to see the different slides.