Lisa Orenstein

Lisa Orenstein was born in Georgia’s Fort McPherson Army Hospital on June 25, 1971. She was raised in Beckley, WV, and attended USC (Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C.) from 1989 to 1993. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis on marketing, Lisa moved to Macon, GA. She spent three years in cable media sales at Cox Communications before an opportunity with Outdoor West, a local outdoor company, presented itself. Lisa discovered that her media sales experience allowed her to transition easily into the realm of outdoor advertising. Shortly after Lamar Advertising’s acquisition of Outdoor West in 2000, Lisa was promoted to sales manager of the Middle Georgia plant operation, where she managed a sales force, national accounts and worked closely with operations and financial reporting on a daily basis. She managed a sales portfolio of over $9 million annually in sales during her term. In 2004, Lisa made the decision to leave Lamar and start her own company, getting back to the basics of what she loves most: working one-on-one with customers and helping them grow their businesses through marketing and advertising. Focus Advertising was born in November of 2004, and Lisa is currently the company’s president and CEO. Focus Advertising serves its clients by providing market and demographic research, campaign planning, media buying, contract negotiation, creative and design services and event planning and coordination. In addition to the traditional advertising services that Focus offers, Lisa carved out a niche for her company by creating a Public Education Program (PEP) for outdoor advertising associations to adopt. Lisa has grown this program through several states across the country and works closely with state, regional and national agencies as well as non-profits to promote their messages. The program offers non-profits, state and federal agencies a means to advertise on unsold billboards and has become a huge success for all involved. Now celebrating 10 YEARS, Focus Advertising continues to grow by offering advertising agency services and the PEP Program in states across the nation!

Chris Story

Chris Story was born in Mobile, AL on August 17, 1965. While being raised in Mobile, Chris attended University Military School until graduation in 1983 and then went on to attend Auburn University. In 1984, Chris’ interest in the import/export business led him to start a career at Page & Jones as an Account Manager. After being promoted to Import Manager for Enstar Specialty Retail in Montgomery, AL in 1990 he returned to Mobile, AL as the Import Manager for N.D. Cunningham & Company. Chris later attended the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in 1997. Upon graduation, he began a new career with Lamar Advertising as an Account Executive in the Augusta, GA operation. In May 1998, Chris was promoted to Sales Manager to lead a team of local account executives as well as work closely with national sales on a daily basis. After just one year as Sales Manager, Chris was promoted to Vice President / General Manager of Lamar Advertising of Tallahassee, FL. In this position Chris’ primary function was to manage a plant with $3.5 million in annual sales. In May of 2000, Chris led an acquisition team that oversaw the purchase of a $44 mil company based in Central Georgia and he was eventually promoted to Vice President / General Manager of Lamar Advertising of Central Georgia based in Macon to manage these assets. The initial annual sales of this company were $5.5 million and through additional acquisitions of some $20 mil Chris has grown annual sales in excess of $9.5 million through increased sales, increased profitability & acquisitions. His responsibilities in this role include managing a staff of 21 employees from sales, operations and leasing to working with City & County leaders, Planning & Zoning offices, State Department of Transportation staff, State Legislators and OSHA. From 2002 until March of 2012 Chris has served as a Board Member for the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia (OAAG). In 2007, he was appointed to the duty of Secretary/Treasurer to the Board of Directors. In 2008, Chris was appointed to Chair the newly formed PAC committee. During Chris’ involvement with the OAAG Board of Directors, he has played a vital role in passing legislation to allow digital displays in Georgia as well as allowing vegetation/tree removal off of the state right-a-way. In March 2012, Chris joined Focus Advertising and through his expertise in the industry has contributed tremendous growth as a managing partner. Chris currently manages accounts from the local businesses with local/regional marketing needs to the state and national agencies that promote messages on state, regional and national levels.